Mormon Monday: Why don't Mormons believe in wearing crosses?

Q: Why don’t Mormons believe in wearing crosses?
A: I love this question simply because when I was younger, I didn’t fully understand it myself. I remember sitting at some musical, and I leaned over to my mom asking if the guy talking was Mormon. She shook her head “No” simply because he was wearing a gold chained cross necklace. May we all read and ponder this quote by the former LDS prophet President Gordon B. Hinkley.

Some say that the symbol of Mormonism is our temples, or the angel at the top of our temples. While many things may be true as what people are saying, they all point to the true symbol and head of our Church – the risen Lord Jesus Christ. All Mormon temples have the name of Jesus Christ on them. All Mormon missionaries wear a tag every day that has the Lord’s name on it. Each member makes a promise to “take upon them the name of Christ by baptism” (2 Nephi 31:13). Jesus Christ is the greatest symbol for our Church. All other symbols in Mormonism point to and declare His LIVING reality.
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