Lessons I learned from black friday

Growing up, my family never took me black friday shopping. My parents aren't huge fans of major crowds and crazy people...come to think of it, I'm not a fan either. I went Black Friday shopping one year with my two best friends, and won a couple of gift cards. It was fun! The next year, I went with a guy I was dating and the whole time, he was complaining, "This sucks soooo bad. I hate this. We have to go to another store? Why are you even doing this? This is stupid." Literally, the whole time. My shin got kicked that year and my conclusion at that point was that I was done with Black Friday. I never found good enough deals to make me not want to just spend a couple hundred more dollars and not getting kicked and pushed by people. This year, Mr. Schroeder and I spent Thanksgiving with his family in Idaho Falls. His sister invited me to go Black Friday shopping and my instant reaction was, "HECK NO." But, Mr. Schroeder talked me into it. He was really really trying to get me to go.

So I went. First, we went to Wal Mart. Talk about a MAD HOUSE. People were pushing, shoving, kicking, stealing items out of other people's hands, and being so extremely selfish. I swear every square foot in that whole building was taken up. It was crazy. Afterward, we went to the mall, and then we went to Target. I'm proud to say I got some pretty great deals! I just wish I would have prepared myself. For more than one thing. First, I didn't know what gifts I was getting anybody yet. So I couldn't really seek out the deals. In the end, I just spoiled myself. But I'm not complaining!

Second, I wouldn't wear jewelry. Ever again. You see this ring? Well, yeah, the gemstone ring my husband gave me for my birthday, it was gone. Throughout black friday shopping, my gemstone fell out of my ring. Did we buy the warranty? No. Did we have the receipt? Nope. It kind of ruined the rest of my night because that ring was so sentimental. Even the way Mr. Schroeder gave it to me, it was just so so adorable. So next time I go Black Friday shopping, I will not wear any jewelry. And I will also wear sweats. I mean business next year. So watch out or something.

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