I've got hope

Lately, I've been thinking a TON about hope. Mostly about how I didn't use to have any, and that saddens me. As I've grown older, I've learned more about the definition of hope. I've been blessed to experience miracles, and realize the Lord's hand in my life instead of only believing in coincidences and fate. When I first met Trevor, his mom was battling stage 4 burkitt's lymphoma. The doctors told her she wouldn't make it. Yet, she has. She is in remission and is the strongest woman I know. Before her, I didn't even know what hope was. And for just a moment,  my life motto was: "Without hope, we have nothing." 

Then, Trevor and I got married. And life was too perfect. Nothing could go wrong, right? Because we were so twitter-pated. Eeeeh, wrong. After getting married, I was struck with a crazy medical trial that effected my life drastically. I hated life for a little bit. I hated that God would give me something so terrible. I hated the fact that nobody could give me hope. My doctor wasn't hopeful, and didn't seem like she cared either. Then, my husband reminded me of hope. His pep talks were just amazing. And his faith is unshakable. So then, I practiced my faith, too, and remembered my mother in laws remarkable story, and decided that I could too, have faith and hope. Through meeting an astonishing doctor, my hope was once renewed, again. Today, right now, life is nothing short of perfect. There have been crazy things go wrong in the past few weeks, but life is still so damn good. I love it! I love my life. And I love everybody in it. My hope is so strong for everything right now. I think too often in life, we all take hope for granted. We don't give it enough credit. And more than not, we fail to recognize it. But me? My hope is restored. It is new and fresh. And it won't fail me. 
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