The Whole Comfort Zone Thing

I've tried to write this into a post at least 18 times. It's hard to write. I can feel and I can think pretty easily. But at times, it's hard to write it all out. As an avid writer, I've learned that sometimes, I just need to experience a whole lotta word vomit. 

I have come to the conclusion that comfort zones should be completely avoided. I may not be the type to go skydiving tomorrow; however, I have really strived to get out of my comfort zone these past few months. Here's the thing. My marriage isn't struggling. BUT. I have noticed some crazy, drastic, intense differences in my marriage since I have got "comfortable." Now, you might ask, "Like what? What kind of comfortable-ness?" 

Well, for the first few months of my marriage, I didn't get all dolled up. I wore his sweatpants nearly every day and I didn't do my make-up. Did he love me anyway? Absolutely. Did he say anything? No. But I had to remember the girl he fell in love with. Just because I got married doesn't mean I needed to become a complete slob.

The whole junk food thing. I'm pretty sure this is extremely normal in newlyweds. Let's just say that I didn't gain the freshmen 15. But I gained the marriage 30. or 40. or 50. Maybe not that much. BUT I have noticed a considerable difference in my diet and lifestyle. It's one of those things where I would feel SO comfortable and okay with doing whatever the crap I wanted. Order pizza 3 times in the week? Freak ya! eat like crap 24/7? You betcha. Because my husband is going to love me anyway. Ummm no. What kind of lifestyle did I have when Mr. Schroeder fell in love with me? I was extremely active and in shape. I ate pretty healthy and I tried to make healthy decisions all of the time. And now, I'm on my way back to that girl. 

You know that first few weeks when laundry is so much fun to fold (because your folding your husbands boxers or t-shirts that you just love?) Well. That gets old real quick. And sometimes, I get so comfortable that the laundry is literally 2 weeks overdo. That's disgusting. I always think, "How the crap did I let it go this far?" It was NEVER like that at the beginning of our marriage.

Making dinner. Ohhh my gravy. I have sucked at this lately. Last week, I found myself saying this at least 3 times. "Sweets, I'll be home after 8 tonight. Do you want to just pick something up on your way home or want me to order pizza?" It's easy. Far too easy. When I was first married, I was constantly trying to impress or "whoo" Mr. Schroeder. That ended after I got comfortable.

WHY have I let myself do this?! There are 80 million other things in my marriage, my work habits, and my life that have gone downhill because I have chosen to get "comfortable." I think a big part of the reason I took such a large blog hiatus is because I needed to find what it was I was missing. I'm not going to be that "comfortable" wife. I'm going to be the wife that tries new things, that goes out of her comfort zone to try and WOO her husband -- ALL of the time -- not just on date nights. It's only been a little over two years. I'm thankful that I noticed these crazy changes in myself and given myself the opportunity to change them. Life gets crazy busy and I swear life becomes packed with gym, school, and volunteering. Then I'm left with, "Where's time for my marriage? And for TRYING with my marriage?!" 

So people. Take this challenge with me. Get out of your comfortable phase. Try harder. Do more things. Try more things. And have more fun. Life is WAY too short to be too comfortable.
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