Trevor and Kids

The first thing that ever drew me into Mr. Schroeder was the immense love and care he had for his mother. He is always so ridiculously sweet to her. He holds her hand when he talks to her, he's always hugging her hello and goodbye, and gets teary eyed when we talk in detail about her. As goes for the second thing that drew me into Mr. Schroeder? The love he has for KIDS. Oh my good gravy. There is something special about seeing a man be ridiculously good with kids. He can get any kid to fall in love with him instantly. In church, he's always making babies laugh and playing with them. They love him. And so do I.  

We only have one nephew living close to us, so we try and see him as much as possible. Though I miss the crap out of all of my other nephews, it is so adorable to see Mr. Schroeder be so sweet with Easton. Easton LOVES his Uncle Trevor. The other day, my sister sent this video and I could not help but post it on my little corner of the internet. 

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