Divorce and Evolving

There is something I find sad and devastating about today's world. Divorce. I have seen countless of my friends go through it. Though I do firmly believe there are a few acceptable reasons for divorce, I have to admit that most of the reasons are not valid. At least in my book.

For some strange reason, most of the world views their first marriage as a "starter marriage." I can honestly say that if I viewed my marriage as that from the beginning, I wouldn't have married Trevor in the first place. I have also noticed many people start to drift after the first year or so of their marriage. The "giddyness" isn't there. The excitement is either. Something has worn off. Most of it? The fact that if not one of you, both of you, have stopped trying. 

I have had one friend get divorced over something I can't even figure out. He told me it was out of jealousy and out of anger. He divorced his wife because he was pissed off at her for a second. I am SO ashamed to say that I have said the D word in my marriage. Did I fully mean it? Absolutely not. I have never seriously thought about divorcing my husband. I have read countless articles on how you must eliminate the D word completely from your use. It is dangerous. It is evil. And it is wrong. 

It is so sad to me to see people give up after something so small. Like the quote below explains, can't we just evolve and grow with our spouse? Why are we sitting here always looking at the faults our spouse has? Shouldn't we be focusing in a little more on the good? The way we did when we first MET our spouse? 

Tonight is a thinker night for me. My brain has been going at a million miles per hour and I'm not even positive this post makes much sense. I think I'm just feeling really grateful for the marriage I do have and for the examples around me of what a marriage should (and shouldn't) be. Life is such a crazy roller coaster. And I'm so ready for it to be smoothe sailing. Does that even happen? Ha.

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