It just gets hard sometimes

One time, I wrote a post about how marriage is hard. I had so many nice and supportive emails back to me explaining that they felt the same way in their marriage and they are so glad that they weren't alone. Then, I received an email from a girl, with a rebuttal post about how marriage ISN'T hard. So, for all of those people who truly believe in their hearts that marriage is not hard, then good for you. You have not yet experienced some of the trials that my marriage (and many others) have had. And it will come. 

So far, I think the hardest part of my marriage has been the first year. Some will agree and some will not. There was tons of "getting used to" and differences Mr. Schroeder and I had to sort out. Especially because we didn't live with each other first. I also wrote countless posts on health issues and struggles within the marriage. Though I was subtle, many people got the hint and came to my aid by emailing me and reaching out to me. Some of those people I will be forever grateful for. 

I received an email from a young girl who has experienced so much already in her life already. She was having some hard trustworthy issues with her husband and then she went through a miscarriage. She then got pregnant again and found out she had an ectopic pregnancy. After getting surgery for that, she found out that one of her ovaries bursted and the doctor had to remove her left tube. While in the process of that, the doctor noticed that her other ovary was not connected to her Fallopian tube. So naturally? She couldn't have kids. 

This amazing young girl ended her email to me by telling me that she is alive. She is well. And she is happy. After explaining to me how crazy her life story was (and some marriage problems along the way), she is happy because she is alive and breathing. She also said that her Heavenly Father and Savior love her and are aware of her. 

I think the hardest part about the internet and blogging is seeing the countless facades going on all over the place. I'm not sure why people feel the need to post about only the perfect parts of their lives. I will be the first to say that Life SUCKS sometimes. But the journey is really beautiful if you make it out to be. I am sooo ranting! But I want to say thank you to each and every one of you. I can't believe the amount of support and emails I get on the daily from amazing people like you. That's how I make it through! I have a great life; but, I know I started blogging for a reason and I am so grateful for the anonymous and public friendships I have made from it. 

Thank you all for teaching me how to love. Thank you for some of you leaving comments disagreeing with me so that I can see the other side of things for a second. Thank you for loving me through it. Thank you for supporting me. GOSH I love this blogging community! 
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