Holding Hands

Can I talk about holding hands for just a minute? About a week before Mr. Schroeder and I got married, we had an interview with our Stake President. For those of you who aren't LDS, if you're getting a temple marriage, you meet with your Stake President to determine your worthiness in order to get sealed in the temple. In our Stake President meeting, the man mainly gave us advice. I remember giggling throughout the meeting, glancing at Trevor every few minutes with those 'awe-struck lovey dovey eyes.' I distinctively remember the happiness I felt, and the warm spirit that I felt there. Though I don't remember how the entire meeting went, there was one thing I remember that stood out to me like a sore thumb. 

The man said, something to the extent of, "I'm glad to see that you are holding hands. Please don't stop doing that. Hold hands in the car. Hold hands when you're sitting on the couch. Hold hands when you're praying. Hold hands everywhere. To me, when I see a couple holding hands, that is the simplest form of love that I can see. Holding hands has a whole level of love involved that you might not even understand right now. But just trust me" 

As I sat there and reflected, I thought about the trueness of his statement. Though at first, it sounded silly that just 'holding hands' would make such a big impact on our marriage. But you know what? It has. Holding hands is such a SIMPLE gesture of love. There isn't really a need for poems that try too hard or potential songs that attempt to convince. It's just the hand holding, people. It does wonders. 
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