I love Eagle Mountain

If you're familiar with Utah, specifically Utah County, you'll hear all about Eagle Mountain. Trevor and I bought a house almost a year ago and have beautiful mountains to hike all around us. It's so funny because every time I tell someone we live in Eagle Mountain, they exclaim, "Way out there?! That's in the boonies!" I always want to say, "Well it's just as far as Highland, just west, not east." People always refuse to throw showers at my house and other things because it's just. too. far. But the good thing? It's sooo quiet and just beautiful! We're loving it. 

A few weeks ago, Trev and I went on the hike that's basically in our backyard. It overlooked the whole valley. We hiked in the morning, so the pictures aren't the greatest. But we love where we live! There's so much adventure and we always feel so safe and away from the rest of the world. 
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