My House

It has almost been an entire year of being homeowners. Aaaand we haven't got much done! Ha! Everything is ridiculously expensive. I was a bit blown away once I found out how much our yard was going to cost. We're getting there, we're getting there. 

A person's first home is so important. One day, I was browsing my sisters "wish list" on Pinterest, and came across a water color drawing that that an artist on Etsy made. I was completely shocked over how amazing they were! I quickly realized that I had to buy one for my first home, eventually. A few weeks ago, I ordered a print for my sister, and then for myself (how could one resist?)

Here's a picture of my house. We have yet to finish our front yard (hey, spring, I'm lookin atcha), but Lauren was able to add grass and the bushes that I wanted to make my yard look just how it will!

As goes for the watercolor painting, check check check it out:

Now, I can't publish this blog post without also posting a photo of my sisters home. It is the cutest little house in Idaho and I've always been a bit hooked on it.

I firmly believe that everybody should have a painting of their first home drawn up to keep forever. It's the perfect sentimental gift that I will treasure forever! 

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