Class of 2016

I wrote a post last August explaining that I had graduated college. Whoot Whoot! Yes, I was class of 2016. Buuuut...I finally just attended commencement & walked. I found it odd to walk and celebrate such a big accomplishment and then go right back to school. So I waited 9 months...and THEN celebrated. It feels so much more real now!

We had a family & friends get together to celebrate and my mom threw me an amazing little party. The amount of people I have supporting me is overwhelming! If you're reading this, you probably played a big part in me graduating. It wasn't a walk in the park like so many people experience. But it was so incredibly worth it.

My best friend and I. I can't even tell you how many times my dad said, "Stop being so stressed! If it stresses you out so much, I thin you should drop out!" Or...."Drop out!" When I was doing homework and he and the rest of my family were doing something fun. He was always joking, but rooting for me. 

My #1 Supporter

My amazing in-laws! BTW..check out my father in-laws back brace. It's got a sticker resembling granite on it. He so fancy!

My other #1 Supporter. Mama Bear.

After graduation, we went to Milagros for lunch. Speaking of Milagros...I absolutely hated Mexican Food until I tried this place. Now, I can't get enough. It's in Orem, UT and so so yum!
I'm feeling so so grateful for everybody who has supported me in accomplishing one of my biggest dreams: to graduate college! It's still amazing to me that I did it, especially after hours and hours crying, having panic attacks, and countless sleep lost. I did it! And I also wish you knew that if I can, you can too. 
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