a happy relationship

we are still learning.
 BUT as of right now..
i really feel like i may have figured this
marriage thing out.

i was talking with one of my best friends today.
and we were laughing because...

a lot of people fib about married life.
talking of rainbows and unicorns 
and constant time spent together.

well, i don't know about you.
but my husband works. really hard.
and we don't get to see each other often.

when you are dating,
it is all fun and play. 
there really isn't much to worry about.
marriage is a whole other story. 
married life is wonderful. 
but what so many people don't emphasize 
it is work.
it just is.

i wanted to share with you guys
my opinion 
of the best marital advice i have received.

1. be selfless.
this is the *golden rule.*
and surprisingly,
it's a lot harder than i would have realized.
once you are married,
you are a two man game.
whether you are talking of plans or money,
it is crucial to include your spouse in all things.
i am the first to admit that it is much 
easier said than done.
it is still really hard for me to accept that 
christmas is at the in-laws this year.

2. weekly date nights.
another crucial thing.
life can get so busy you don't even have time
to see each other anymore.
if you make it a priority 
to have date night every week,
your relationship is a lot more likely to succeed.
you don't have to go BUY something,
go to make-out point, 
go take a walk,
go fly a kite,
bike ride, 
just something!
over these past few months,
i have grown extremely grateful for date night.

3. serve them.
this seems to go hand-in-hand with selflessness.
fix your husbands favorite meal.
do what he wants to do.
clean up his random messes.
serve them diligently and faithfully.
service never fails.

4. admit you're wrong.
even when you're not.
grudges are never useful, fun, or worth it.
just get over it and love each other.

5. never never never go to bed angry.
but if you do..go to bed naked.
mr. schroeder and i have mastered this one. muahaha!
it is definitely the key advice point my mother gives to engaged couples.
nobody wants to go to bed angry
because the next day..there's nothing you care to wake up to!

6. say i love you {at least} three times a day.
don't just say it.
show them, too.

7. look at the positive.
everyone has faults, flaws, and mistakes they make.
focus on their positive traits.
it is pretty degrading to constantly be critical of
every single thing your partner does wrong.

8. be supportive.
i always thought this one would come easy to me.
but i really don't know if i would be okay 
moving to certain states for my husband's job.
but recently,
i have learned to accept it.
i have also learned that 
"home is where the husband is." 

9. always always kiss each other 
good morning, good night, and goodbye.
it just makes your world happier. 

10. laugh.
it is so important.
you have to laugh.
at everything.

What has been your favorite most important 
relationship advice you have received? 

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