i got him. i got him good.

so i am a prankster. every year, i feel like i get in trouble for some sort of prank. a couple of years ago, my room mate & i put orajel on my other room mates toothbrush. (that stuff makes your mouth go numb for about 20 minutes). they hated it. they were so mad at me for the rest of the week.

sometimes, i wish people could take a darn joke. it's april fools. i wasn't harming anyone or being rude in any way. in my eyes, it means i was kind enough to think of you to play a prank on you. hitting you on the head? hurting you in any way? i can understand that. but really..i get in trouble every single year.

this year, i decided i wasn't going to play any pranks on anyone. mr. schroeder got home before me & we resorted to pizza & cleaning the house. then, he got in the shower. without me. that punk! i had to get him. so i took fellow bloggers advice...and while he was showering, i poured a huge bucket of freezing cold water on his head. he screamed. and was a bit startled. and i really honestly couldn't stop laughing. i recorded it & was trying not to laugh but my bladder wanted me to laugh or something.

here, please enjoy..
but please be aware that there is cussing. oops. 

the clip wasn't too clear :( dang sound cloud. after laughing & giggling about it for a few hours, mr. schroeder was super quiet. i asked him what was wrong. he replied, "i sounded so mean and angry. i wasn't mad at you at all. i was just completely startled."  i know that, mr. schroeder!

he doesn't get mad very easily. that's for dang sure. so people, before you go thinking my husband is a complete jerk. be aware..that he was so startled. & then felt bad for saying what he said after. hahah! i love it. i love april fools. and i really don't think i will stop with the pranks. not if my life depended on it.

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