Grandma Mary

Most called her, "Mary." But I called her Grandma. I always thought of her as my Grandma. It's not that she was a replacement of Grandma Joan, but it's more of the way I felt about her. She was my Grandma. She was perfect. She was one of the sweetest, patient, giving, and most humble woman I had ever met.

She has been in my life for 15 years. We were pen-pals for a few years of those 15. Every time she would come and stay, her and Grandpa would come listen to me play the harp and the piano. They loved listening. On October 15, we laid Grandma Mary in the ground. It all happened so fast. One minute, she needed open heart surgery. Another minute she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Then, suddenly, she was gone. I am so worried about my poor gramps. She was the love of his life, and now he doesn't have her. Grandpa lost two wives. I hate watching people get old. It might be one of the most painful experiences I have ever faced. I'm not looking forward to my parents, my aunts, uncles, or inlaws getting old. I've had to shift my whole perspective in gratitutde to the Lord instead. It's all a part of the Lord's purpose, and I MUST remember that. I'm really grateful to know that we can see our loved ones again. I'm also grateful to know that pain can turn into spiritual power, if you allow it to.

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