Stop Waiting

I've always considered myself a "Find Joy in the Journey" kind of girl. Well, I have always strived to live that way. I seem to always look back and think about the incredible moments I have shared with Mr. Schroeder and other loved ones in my life, and wish I would have enjoyed them more. I'm still trying to perfect the whole "Love where you are right now" motto. About a year ago, one of my good friends and I got into a little argument. Now, hopefully she doesn't hate me for telling this story. 

She began texting me one evening about how she hasn't found her other half yet, and it's heartbreaking. I tried looking on the brighter side of things & explained that she can't keep waiting around for a man to make her happy, but that she needs to find happiness within herself. (Side note: I totally get that having all of your friends married and you not being married can be heartbreaking, and it can hurt. I DO get that. But I do believe that happiness can only be obtained by reaching inside of your soul, as far as you can go, and find what makes YOU happy. Nature, music, spirituality, art, whatever it may be. You can't depend on someone else to fulfill your happiness) Okay, I got a response explaining that I don't understand because I have my prince charming, I was married already, and things came easy for me. Though I'm not going to get into the argument part of it, it did hurt. I think people are silly. 

Why are we comparing our weaknesses to others strengths? Why are we comparing what we don't have to what others do have? Obtaining happiness will become impossible if this is the attitude we have. I've experienced it too. Life will be a lot easier once school is done & we both have our careers! Life is going to settle down once we start a family. No, no, no. I want to have joy & happiness in the NOW. If we're constantly looking forward to summer, or marriage, or something we don't have, we're never going to be happy. Readers! You wanna work on this with me, or what? 
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