Well this sucks

You know how if you get married in college, you have to realize that you're probably never going to see your spouse? Well...Mr. Schroeder and I didn't experience that right at first. I took a 2-year break from school (stupid? No, I actually don't regret it at all), moved to Virginia Beach, and took a few adventures prior to settling down. We bought a home and I decided to go back to school. Trevor finally decided that he'd like to take some classes for fire school prerequisites to see if it's something he'd like to do. I know I mentioned it before, but he is taking 20 school credits and working 50-60 hours a week. His grades are phenomenal and he's a bit of a rock star. 

I'm currently full-time and work as well. Moral of the story? We got used to spending half days together for three years, and now we never see each other. And by never...I really do mean never. Trevor usually gets home when I'm already in bed, and one of us leaves prior to the other person getting up. It is one of the hardest things ever! I don't even have kids for him to help me with, but at times, I feel like he's my room mate that just sleeps in the same bed.

I have never been more ready for a semester to be over. HOW DO YOU STUDENTS SLASH MARRIED FOLKS DO IT? I hate it.

 (PS, I'm writing this at 3am and just sad cause I miss him)
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