Easton Update

I wrote about my little nephew that was born 10 weeks early here. And I have to update, because I have lovely lovely people asking me about him. Easton is doing AWESOME! He's gained weight, learned to breathe on his own, suck, and swallow. It's so exciting and a super miracle. My sister got to bring him home the day before Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas to her family! He is as precious as ever. On Christmas Day, Easton was laying on the floor and I noticed Mr. Schroeder staring at him, without movement, for probably 25 or 30 minutes. My sister asked him if he wanted to hold the babe & he gladly accepted. He was SO in love the whole entire time.  It's definitely extremely comforting to see the love my husband has for kids. He will make a remarkable father someday. A couple of days later, I got to hold baby Easton. He can't be passed around a lot because he's still so little and it will burn calories, which will cause him to lose weight. So I held him for about 45 minutes, and I couldn't get over the love I had for him! My heart could burst! I kept wondering, "How in the world am I ever going to love my own child this way?" But, then I'm told, "Just wait. You'll see." 

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